Geek Salad ...because salad is good for you!

24/07/08 6:33am : *snorrrrrk*

For those of you playing the home game, I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea last year. I have "sleep disrupting events" around a hundred times... an hour. I've been waiting for a surgery appointment since January.

Received notification this week that my surgery is on the 6th of August. At 6:30am. At least I'll have an excuse for being tired.

Warwickzzzzz.... *snork*

07/04/08 11:02pm : Too soon?

Have to start somewhere. Hopefully the next one will be less than 14 months away :)


11:49pm. ps. Yes, I'm aware the archives page is borked, as is the forums page. I'm not intending to fix them before the new version of the site is released. I'll probably kill the links temporarily. Just not tonight ^_^