Geek Salad ...because salad is good for you!

31/01/07 10:14am : Please...

Honestly, only because I've had the question almost a dozen times today. It's a synonym!

- Warwick

31/01/07 9:14am : January is over!

Almost. I'm waffling. I've really got nothing to say, just wanted to put something in the comments.

- Warwick

10/01/07 8:37pm : Happy New Year

2007 is here, and it's looking good. Watch this space.

Incidentally, I've nuked the forums userbase. If you had an account, and it had 0 posts, you got nuked. Had to be done, due to the 500+ spammers registered. If you have previously registered, and your account was never activated, please try re-registering and email me directly if you don't get activated.

- Warwick